French Election Special. Its a Shure thing!!

In a desperate bid to improve his Presidential Election image Mr Sarkozy appears to have borrowed the SM57s from the White House!!             ‘Thanks Barack, you can have ’em  back next week!’

‘No problem Nic I’ve got these spares!’

Ever since it first appeared in 1965 the SM57 has shared the podium with successive US Presidents announcing war and peace, trips into space, triumphs and disasters and in doing so has become woven into the iconography of political power.                                                                                                                                      However, on the Shure website the SM57 is (rather more appropriately) recommended for:- Brass/Saxophone Acoustic Guitar Guitar Amp Bass Amp Harmonica Kick Drum Snare Drum Rack/Floor Toms Congas Percussion !! Still never mind eh! it is probably the finest piece of product placement in history!

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