The OSS Jecklin Disc… My favourite tool for Stereo Recording.

My DIY Jecklin Disc …or… Great new use for a Pavarotti Double LP!!

  1. Super-glue 2 LPs  together to make a suitably rigid structure.
  2. Add a couple of 12″ circles of 25mm high density foam.
  3. Cover with furry material.
  4. Stick a 3/8 bolt through it.
  5.  Screw on a couple of shock mounts.
  6.  Add a nice pair of omnis.
  7.  Stick it on a stand………….. job done!

N.B.    Mic capsules should be about the same distance apart as your ears. (17cm)

Other suggestions for suitable double albums for making into a Jecklin Disc :- 

  1. A Gift from a Flower to a Garden.   Donovan
  2. Uriah Heep Live.
  3. All Time Greats. Roger Whittaker.
  4. An Evening with John Denver     etc etc….

For those who are interested in trying the OSS Jecklin Disc there is an excellent article by Jorg Jecklin on Josephson’s website explaining in some detail the theory behind his invention. 

By emulating the most important characteristics of human hearing the Jecklin Disc produces, for the listener, recordings with a remarkable sense of ‘being there’. It is certainly my favourite array for recording classical music. Having tried various different mics with this system my current preference is for a matched pair of Oktava MK012s (with omni capsules). Very clean and very neutral.

Oktava Mk012 Tech spec

3 responses to “The OSS Jecklin Disc… My favourite tool for Stereo Recording.

  1. Martin – I want to make a DIY JD like yours. Looking at the ingredients and instructions, I think there’s something missing – You say “Stick a 3/8 bolt through it”, then “Screw on a couple of shock mounts”. Don’t I need some sort of clamp to hold the Jecklin disc to the mic stand? Can you show a photo detail of that part of your rig? Thanks for the help.


    • Hi Andrew,
      Yes, you are right! I am away for a few days. Will take some photos when I return.


      • Super! My interest is far from academic. I self produced a CD, “Music from the Golden Age of the Piano”, used some C-414 LDC clones in omni at both sides of the keyboard. I’m thinking I’d like to go with some SDC’s this time, and a Jecklin disc – perhaps above my head or to one side as I play. You can hear samples from the CD on the Listen tab of my website if interested. Thanks for your help.


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