Tannoy MR425 Ribbon Microphone (circa1959)

A slightly cool looking, and well thought of British PA mic from the 1950s. It is an updated version (more chrome ,more fins) of the similar looking  model (the Tannoy Type 1) originally made in the 1930s. The MR425 also had a re-designed ribbon motor. This one was rescued from a night club in Birmingham where it had been in regular use until 1976. Sadly not a top draw ribbon mic. Every now and then I try it out on different instruments. it sounds ‘ok’ but some how it never quite makes it to the final mix! N.B. If you find one of these make sure it comes with a connector as they are as rare as hen’s teeth !

Short example of recording with flute.

2 responses to “Tannoy MR425 Ribbon Microphone (circa1959)

  1. Hi Martin. My dad was a PA engineer & has two 1930’s original tannoy ribbon microphones. He is 81 & would love to sell to a good home. Would you be interested?


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