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Sennheiser e945 (2012) My favourite Live Vocal Mic.

Sennheiser e945.

Sennheiser advertising literature accurately describes the qualities of this microphone.

‘The e 945 is a fully professional super-cardioid vocal microphone which cuts through the mix and offers a smooth, natural sound. It’s warm tonal response is matched with rugged construction and excellent feedback rejection.’

It really is a great sounding microphone. Not only is the gain before feedback extremely high but also the e945 has an extraordinary ability to reject almost everything but the singer’s voice.  In this live clip there is a band consisting of guitar, bass, drums, and piano playing at volume on stage along with 4 (500watt) wedge monitors.  The singer is standing only a few feet in front of the drum kit. When the e945 is soloed the band all but vanishes!

The Sennheiser e945 has never been a ‘flavour of the month ‘ vocal mic, but I have very often found myself choosing it over the more fashionable competition, especially for live recording.  If you are a singer looking to buy a new vocal mic the e945 could be the one for you!