Grampian DPL. (1939-1960) Close, but no Cigar!!!

Grampian DPLOn Dec 14th 2005 an identical, robust, dark brown, British, Grampian DPL dynamic microphone was sold at auction, at Ludlow Racecourse in Shropshire, for a staggering £19,000. I bought mine (pictured above) on ebay for somewhat less! (£35.00)…… In fact, I reckon mine even looks a bit smarter! The only physical difference between these two mics is the serial number. The one in the Ludlow auction was also mounted on a nice wooden plinth, with a little plaque on it baring the following inscription:-

“The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance. Winston S Churchill.”

It turns out that the £19,000 Grampian DPL was the trusty PA microphone which delivered a speech by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill on VE day 1945 marking the end of the War in Europe!

It seems somewhat  ironic that within a few years Grampian Microphones (along with Lustraphone, Reslo, and STC)  would be wiped out by the overwhelming superiority of the German competition!

Grampian DPL Test Recording.


Grampian DPL 3pin plug

The 3 pin plugs for these mics are very hard to find.


2 responses to “Grampian DPL. (1939-1960) Close, but no Cigar!!!

  1. Ramon Sancho Pérez

    Hola. He comprado un micrófono Grampian DPL como el suyo pero no tiene la placa de numeracion.
    Seria tan amable de enviarme una foto de la placa del suyo para hacerme algo parecido para el mio.
    No la encuentro en ningún sitio.
    Muchas gracias y muy amable.
    Un saludo


    • Hi Ramon,
      Unfortunately mine does not have any name plate either! Indeed I don’t think that I have ever seen one that did! The only marking on mine is the serial number which is stamped into the metal just below the connector socket.
      All the Best


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