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K-Micro Silver Bullet Matched Pair. Very Handy!

K-Micro Silver Bullet Matched Pair. I must confess that I bought my first pair of Karma Silver Bullets for all the wrong reasons:-

  • They are very shiny!! Ooo!
  • They are built into XLR  plugs…. How cool is that? !!
  • They are amazingly cheap!!

Only after I had clicked ‘BUY NOW’ did I take a look at the frequency response graph on the Karma website, and began to think that maybe my new purchase might have some serious use! Karma Silver Bullet frequency response graph.

As can be seen from the above, the low end and mid-range is extremely flat and accurate, right down to 20hz. At the top end there is a 7db peak at around 6khz. This works very well on drum overheads and other percussion giving brightness and clarity. When brightness is not required the peak is easily tamed with a suitable EQ cut.  The polar pattern is omni so no problem with proximity effect. Also, because the diaphragm is so small the transient response is excellent.

(N.B. The only slightly odd thing about these mics is that they appear to be in reverse phase to every other microphone I own! This is even noted in the top right hand corner of the manufacturer’s graph. Not a problem unless other mics are close by, in which case it may be necessary to flip the phase reverse switch on the channel.)

To cut a long story short, these mics are so useful I have just bought a second pair! I do a lot of live work and they are always in my gig bag, or in my pocket! Great on drum kits. Excellent on a range of acoustic instruments. Can be hung from theatre lighting bars to mic up a chorus in a musical. Terrific for recording audience reaction in a live show (hung from the circle or balcony). Perfect in any situation where space is a problem or the mics need to be unobtrusive.

The other day a colleague had an assignment recording a local orchestra, and so I tagged along with a pair of Karma Silver Bullets on my Jecklin Disc just to see how they would behave.  Here is a short clip.  Although they are not exactly Neumann or Scheops they turned in a remarkable performance for mics that cost £25 each!!

Here is another short clip on a Baby Grand Piano.