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Philips EL6033/10 Dual pattern (Omni-Cardioid) Dynamic Microphone (circa 1966)

Philips EL6033-10 Dual pattern Omni-cardioid

Until I bought this mic on ebay I had never seen or heard of the Philips EL6033/10. What raised my curiosity (enough to click ‘Buy Now’) was the switchable polar response which appears to be a design feature unique to this particular microphone (see Philips Patent below).  I can not think of another single element dynamic mic that has a switchable choice of omni /cardioid patterns. (If anyone reading this can think of one please let me know!) The switching is done by rotating the knurled ring just below the head which causes a shutter to cover the rear of the capsule in Omni, and uncover it in Cardioid. Beautifully simple and effective! It is a cool-looking mic and well engineered. Over all it has a distinct look of AKG about it, being somewhat reminiscent of the D19 and the D190, and I did wonder if it was one of the mics made for Philips by the Austrian manufacturer?

Philips 1968 Microphone Patent which describes in detail  the mechanism of the EL6033/10

Philips EL6033 showing rotary switch.

1968 HiFi yearbook Philips EL6033

Pictured in the 1968 HiFi Yearbook The mic itself cost £26 (an average week’s wage in 1968)  2x the price of a Reslo RBT! According to the information below,an optional vibration damper could also be purchased for an extra £3.10s.

1968 HiFi yearbook Philips Mics

Thanks to Pete Guppy for these pics from HiFi Yearbook.

The 2 Technical leaflets below have been kindly supplied by Philips Company Archives and show the EL6033 to be a dynamic studio microphone of considerable quality.                                                                                                                 Check out the great 1960s graphics……the confused looking girl with the trumpet and trombone pointing at her head is quite special! (As is blurred guy with saxophone!)

Leaflet microphone type EL6033, ± 1969

Leaflet microphone type EL6033, 1969

So……… What does it sound like? CLICK HERE.


In this video clip the EL6033/10 is use on electric guitar.