One mouth, one voice, one mic ?

In order to address a crowd of thousands at a pop festival or a sporting event, with millions more tuned in on TV,  a singer or presenter  requires only ONE microphone. One mouth, one voice, one mic. Simple!

Our political leaders on the other hand appear to require at least 2 mics and in some cases many more! I’m not talking press conferences here, just general speech making. Yes….ok, dual redundancy etc but……………..

I have a theory that as the level of ego goes up, and the level of mental competence goes down, the number of microphones on the podium increases in proportion.  Most US presidents seem to have favoured 2 mics, with the exception of Ronald Reagan who appears to have preferred 3! Hilter and Mussolini were often pictured with 4 or 5.  If any more proof is required here is North Korea’s beloved leader Kim Yong Un.

I rest my case!

I rest my case!

5 responses to “One mouth, one voice, one mic ?

  1. In Downing St. whenever the PM talks from a podium, one mic serves the pa in the street (they have speakers opposite the journalists) and one goes straight to the Beeb for broadcast.


    • Glastonbury, Live Aid, The Queen’s Jubilee Concert……. relayed through multiple PA systems up and down the country and broadcasting LIVE on hundreds of radio and TV stations across the world……. I don’t remember seeing Elton John or Sir Paul McCartney (or anyone else) using 2,3,4,5 or SIX microphones!!!
      However, imagine if Politicians were Rock Stars…….’And Now Welcome on Stage The Kim Yong Un Band’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. As a sound engineer would you like to explain to the Prime Minister, Royalty or whoever that their message didn’t reach the millions because your one microphone had failed?


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