HMN Sound MicroLav 2014 (Latest Developments)

A brand new version of the MicroLav from HMN Sound arrived a couple of days ago.  Once again I am amazed how quickly it got here! This microphone and the previous one only took 4 days to travel from Thailand! Internal parcel post here in the UK often takes more than that!                                                                                         Having been pleasantly impressed by the previous incarnation I was very keen to try out this latest model, and it does not disappoint!

HMN MicroLav

 Once again mic itself is housed in a tough metal shell with an integral grill, and the cable, although very slender, is reinforced with Kevlar which makes it deceptively strong. It is a high quality microphone aimed at the professional user. This mic appears to have a sensibly flat response and is very smooth right across the frequency range. Perhaps the most remarkable feature of the MicroLav is the price! Currently selling on the HMN Sound website for $79 this is excellent value for money and considerably cheaper than competitor models such as the Sennheiser MKE2 which is currently available for around £225.            So what does it sound like and how does it compare?

CLICK HERE to find out.

The MicroLav is also excellent on vocals.

Check out this CLIP recorded without eq.

For technical information and purchasing visit

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