Mélodium  Mélodynamic 75A (1948-1958)

Melodium 75A

Made in Paris between 1948 and 1958 by Mélodium Société, 296 rue Lecourbe 15eme.

Although visually the design harks back to the 1930s it has a surprisingly modern sound. This is borne out by the frequency graph, which shows a smooth response from 50 Hz to 10 kHz.There is a presence lift of 5db at around 4.8 kHz which lends clarity and crispness, particularly to speech and vocals.

The 75A boasts a very light duralumin diaphragm and voice coil (30mg), giving good transient response. It is also claimed that the microphone is impervious to wind, making it an excellent choice for outside broadcasting and sports reporting.

The grill design featured in the technical leaflet above was used on the earlier models.

Melodium 75A Grill

 Melodium 75A Side view

If you buy a Mélodium 75A it is worth noting that it has very low impedance (10 ohms) and will require the services of an appropriate preamp.

Also, the plug socket on the 75A is peculiar to Mélodium!  (N.B. The earliest models have 3 screw terminals.)

Melodium 75A Plug socket

N.B. Right hand pin is ‘hot’. Left hand pin ‘cold’. Centre pin is earth.

Melodium 75A locking plug

These Mélodium locking plugs are very hard to find!  (They also fit the 42B ribbon mic.)

Melodium 75A Locking plug

Famous Users.

The Mélodium 75A was employed extensively by French broadcasters and was used by many famous entertainers and politicians, including the singer Edith Piaf and President Charles de Gaulle.

President Charles de Gaulle.



Even with this slightly creepy, wax works figure of Edith Piaf, at Musée Grévin in Paris, the Mélodium 75A takes stage centre!

CLICK HERE for a short voice recording using the 75A



10 responses to “Mélodium  Mélodynamic 75A (1948-1958)

  1. Thanks for this. I had been trying to identify a microphone used at the Arc en Ciel in Saigon in 1966 that appeared in some old snapshots I have. It makes sense that it would have been a French mike!


  2. Have just seen those great photos of Karen and the mighty Melodium 75a. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-VWKfkzrjL-8/VCrdcisZRJI/AAAAAAAABI8/JO7vwjFJDNU/s1600/66saigon1a.png

    P.S. That is the early version of the 75a with screw connectors.


  3. Mike I have a Melodium 55A in good condition uses same connector as the 75A. Can you help me find a 3 pin connector as I want to record with the mic. Thanks.
    Mike Read


    • Hi Mike,
      I have the same problem! I too am on the hunt for a connector. At the moment I have it working with 3 small crocodile clips soldered on to the lead. This arrangement stays in place pretty well to record but would be very risky at a gig! I think that even in France these plugs are very rare. I will keep searching and will certainly let you know if I strike lucky. Meanwhile, I notice that the pins appear to have the same spacing as an IEC mains plug and I have been thinking that I may have a go at cutting the plug to shape with a Stanley knife and wiring it to a mic lead. It may not work but I’ll let you know how I get on with that. The original plugs have a latch on them, which is another problem……….
      Anyhow, if you have any bright ideas let me know!
      All the best


      • Hi Martin thanks for the reply. Thought of doing the same with a mains plug. Never see the connectors on Ebay. My other 75A & Cable (3 screw connectors) I found in Versailles attached to a contemporary floor stand rusting away (guess 1952). Now cleaned and both mic and stand are beautiful. Mic has a chrome/brass finish and the very heavy stand is made of steel and brass. Must have come from a venue of some sort.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Raffaele Stefani

    Hello Martin, I’ve found a NOS 75a, with the three pins output, but no plug was available.
    Any clue on the plug-type name (was thinking to do a 3d printed one)?

    What preamp are you using with it? I think the lowest one I have has 150 input impedance. Should I build a special buffer to adapt?




    • Raffaele Stefani

      I’ve now read the other conments, did you ever tried the IEC plug adaptation?
      Is it similar to the J typer or the N type?



    • Hi Raffaele, When I bought mine I didn’t have a plug and weighed up the possibility of using a slightly modified IEC. I was just about to start work on it when a friend returned from France with a genuine Mélodium plug for me. (Lucky me!) However, I can see no reason why a modified IEC would not work. Certainly worth trying. As for the preamp I use a Focusrite TwinTrack which has variable impedance and goes down to 60ohms and the mic seems perfectly happy with that. Might be worth experimenting with an adapter. Good Luck!


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