Mélodium 76A 1960’s / 70’s Construction Kit!

Mélodium 76A Construction Kit

When the previous owner mentioned in the description that there were ‘a few wiring issues’ with this vintage French PA microphone he wasn’t kidding! (It looked perfect enough in the eBay photograph!)

Was that why it was so cheap, and no one else bid? Hmmm…….

So now for a bit of fun wiring it back together!

I’ll report back if it by some miracle it works!!

P.S.  Just to make things a little more exciting Mélodium have their own plugs and sockets that only fit Mélodium microphones. They are made so that the pins can be moved about in various configurations up to 5 pins! This 431 socket will be 3 pin…… when I get them in the right holes!

Melodium 431 plug

P.P.S  Just noticed that there should be a rubber gland inside the knurled ring at the top!

5 responses to “Mélodium 76A 1960’s / 70’s Construction Kit!

  1. I was lucky to get my Melodium 76A (in one piece) complete with transformer and cable outputting 200 ohms. Lovely strong sound. Good luck with yours. Melodium microphones are very much under rated especially the 75A which is fine for recording. I have 6 and 5 work well. One is mounted on its beautiful contemporary performance stand made of steel and copper and weighs a ton. Since it came from Versailles I like to think Piaf used it ! – Mike Read

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    • You are certainly right about the 75A. It is an excellent sounding mic. I have a friend who has a 42B ribbon mic and that also sounds very good indeed. Anyhow, I am going to sit down with a soldering iron over the next few days and see if I can bring this 76A back to life!


      • Of course I want a working 42B but I’m afraid I will have to raid the piggy bank as they are out of my usual price range. Any suggestions ?


  2. Hi Martin, looks like a fun job for the bank holiday weekend. To get you started, the middle pin will be (should be) ground. Connect the outer pins as + and -. You will have to get the polarity by trial and error!


    • Thanks Stewart. That makes sense. If I remember rightly earth is also in the middle on the 75A? At the moment all the pins have so much solder on them that they are pretty much all touching! Most of the wires are not attached to anything! Previous owner had given up and just poked the wires in the ends of the plugs. As it is raining today I might even get started 🙂


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