Season’s Greeting to All My Readers! (Just in case you need some more Christmas Music!)

Usually at this time of the year I post a slightly crazy photo, but this year I thought you might like an audio Christmas card! This video is a piece of Christmassy joy captured by the Extinct Audio BM9x2 ‘Valkyr’ Stereo Ribbon Microphone. Apart from the fabulous audio quality and detailed stereo image this microphone is also extremely unobtrusive (see pics), making it perfect for this type of live performance.

No EQ or processing has been used.

Many thanks to Pam Smith at for the great photos.

4 responses to “Season’s Greeting to All My Readers! (Just in case you need some more Christmas Music!)

  1. Sounds fantastic Martin. Merry Xmas!

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  2. Excellent sound. I am curious why you placed the microphone in a slightly elevated position (higher than the tuba player’s head, or so it looks to me). Is it to catch the reverberation from the church’s choir / avoid an unpleasant sense of directness?


    • It was simply the result of experimentation. In that position it seemed to give the best balance for my ears. Positioning lower produced too much of the 2 trumpets and not enough of the low end timbre of the tuba.


      • Thanks for enlightening, that makes perfect sense. These instruments have built-in directionality and I can see how the trumpets would dominate.


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