Today (and every other day) Has Been Designated INTERNATIONAL CLEAN THE GERMS OFF YOUR MICROPHONE DAY!

My mate's 58

As most of us haven’t any work at the moment now might be a good time to clean up our act! Vocal mics have always been a bit of a health hazard, especially those that get shared on a regular basis.

Now might even be a good time for singers who don’t own their own microphone to think about making a purchase. Maybe even choose a microphone that really suits your voice rather than settling for whatever piece of old junk the PA company throws at you!

Meanwhile those of us techies that work in theatre, events or studios could spend a useful morning with a cloth dampened with isopropyl alcohol or similar disinfecting agent wiping down our stock of mics. With dynamic vocal mics such as the Shure SM58 the grill can be unscrewed and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. The foam inside is also washable. In the case of older mics the foam might need to be replaced. This is not difficult to do for most modern microphones and can be easily purchased online, as can new grills.

N.B. However, exercise caution if you are dealing with expensive condensers or vintage mics as these may require specialist help. (If you own vintage mics I probably don’t need to tell you that!)

If on the other hand you own the SM58 pictured above you may need a blow-torch and a big hammer!!

Stay Safe.❤


3 responses to “Today (and every other day) Has Been Designated INTERNATIONAL CLEAN THE GERMS OFF YOUR MICROPHONE DAY!

  1. Cleaning our mics is already on my dark period schedule. As is cleaning (carefully) every single control on our sound and lighting desks. As for the SM58 grills, they’re going in the dishwasher (minus the form).

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  2. Hello, i often faced this problem and
    1. put off the Mic-basket and put it in the dishwasher + let it dry.
    2. If the basket lost its form, but is still stable i made me a tool (wooden bowl screwed on top of awooden stick) which i fix at a working bench and “reform” the basket with a small hammer. Change or clean (dishwasher) the inside foaming. If that doesn´t help or you hate that dirty work :
    3. Order a spare basket + foam at Thomann.(They have all kinds of mic-spareparts)
    For my SM 58s i always have baskets + foaming spares in stock.
    For you all: stay in good health !

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