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Repairing a Rycote Windshield and Panamic Shock Mount for Sennheiser MKH815T

On the day I chose to record the voice-over for this video the wind was lashing the trees and bushes in my garden and the branches were swaying backwards and forwards. So I thought it would be a great idea to demonstrate the effectiveness of this vintage Rycote windshield by recording the voice-over sitting on a bench at the bottom of the garden!

Sennheiser MKH 815T Manual

Rycote Mini Windjammer for the M-Audio Microtrack II

"Daddy where's the gerbil gone?"

“Daddy where’s my gerbil gone?”        “I don’t know darling….. testing 1…2….”

I bought this M-Audio Microtrack II a few years ago and it has proved to be a brilliant piece of gear. No bigger than a packet of cigarettes, extremely light and very easy to use. Records up to 96khz 24bit on balanced TRS jacks  (with 48v phantom) and SPDIF. It has phono and USB outputs and records to flash memory cards.

It also comes with a small detachable stereo mic which is surprisingly good! For impromptu live recording,  sound effects gathering, and wildlife recording, it punches a long way above it’s minimal weight!

Up til now I have countered outdoor wind noise using home made foam windshields, that have often been somewhat imperfect (ie crap!) So I was delighted to discover that Rycote  make a mini windjammer specifically for the Microtrack. Not only is it acoustically transparent but it will cope with considerable gusts of wind without any sign of ‘blasting’! Rycote kit is not noted for being cheap (the Mini is around £20) but if you want the job done properly it is worth every penny! Thoroughly recommended!