Here are some of my favourite microphone sites

6 responses to “Links

  1. i have a small vintage mic. that i cannot identify.
    how can i place a photo here so everyone can see it?


    don powell


  2. Bertrand Fresel

    Hello Martin,
    I just found this cute STC 4021 which I’d love to use but is not working.
    I understood you know it very well.. As nothing is coming out of it my first guess is some kind of bad soldering inside the mic but I can’t open the sphere for some reason.. I removed the 2 screws close to the connector but nothing is moving… Any advice ?
    Also, can you confirm these are wired pos/neg/shield from left to right as the tech from Coles Acoustics told me. Nothing is happening with this wiring and since I saw 2/G/1 in some pics, I’m not sure anymore (there’s nothing marked on mine).
    Thank you !!


  3. Bertrand Fresel

    Thank you very much Martin
    I will try this right away.
    All the best !


  4. Jevon Beaumont

    Hello there.I am about to sell a 1978 Octava MK13.Would like it to go to a good home if anyone out there is looking for one ???
    kind regards
    Jevon Beaumont


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