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Sennheiser MD21 (1953-onwards ) Fantastic drum overhead. Great on guitar cabs.

Beatles Star Club Hamburg

Beatles at the Star Club Hamburg 1961.
‘Eh up! lads this sounds better than a Reslo! ‘

Sennheiser MD21

Sennheiser MD21

Sennheiser MD21 Grill

Looks boring…. Sounds Great! First appeared in 1953 and is still in production! It was designed to be ‘indestructible in everyday use.’  Bought 2 of these on ebay for £10.00! Also very useful mic with breathy flute players….. being ommni directional  it has no proximity effect and, (originally designed for reporting) is almost impervious to wind noise.

MD21 user Manual from 1970

Here is a great clip of a very youthful Steve Winwood & Spencer Davis Group with MD21 vocal mics.