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A Great Technique For Recording Acoustic Guitar….. An Omnidirectional Lavalier!

Eh?…..  Yes, you heard right! A high quality omnidirectional lavalier simply pinned on the performer’s chest about 3 inches above the top edge of the guitar produces excellent results.

Lavalier Micing Acoustic Guitar

  • Because the microphone capsule is so small it has an excellent transient response and is capable of reproducing fine detail.
  • The mic has a very wide flat frequency response covering the full range of the instrument.
  • Being omnidirectional it has no proximity effect and therefore there is none of the boominess often associated with acoustic guitars.
  • No mic stand needed.
  • Allows the player freedom of movement.
  • Positioned above the guitar it reproduces the instrument from the same perspective as it is heard by the performer.  (When recording from the front, some performers will claim that the playback doesn’t sound like their guitar.( Arrrgh!!) This is because they never normally hear it from the front! So this method may cut down such studio arguments!………. ok that’s a bit of a long shot!)

     Here is a short clip of 12 string acoustic guitar recorded using            the HMN Sound MicroLav  (As pictured above)

What About Live?                                                                                                        I have even used this method in theatre shows with solo artists to reinforce vocals and guitar at the same time! The balance is achieved by moving the mic up or down the performer’s shirt! Members of the audience and other technicians  have often commented on how good the guitar sounds, not realising that it isn’t separately DI’d !                                                                                                             (N.B. Being an omni, there are however some limitations on gain before feedback. So maybe don’t try this if you are looking to take the back wall out of the place!)